Visiting Qian Huang International College


你好 Ni hao from Changzhou. We are doing an admission promotion tour in the Changzhou area. The promotion tour is done in order to better understand the Chinese market. We need these experiences to be able to plan our next marketing actions better. One of the high schools we visited was Qian Huang International College. Here’s the Principal of the International Programs, Zhang Wen Lei.

Before meeting the students we had a short 20-min-meeting with the principal about Finnish education and he gave basic information about his high school.


Harri gave the presentation to promote us. His promotion started with Finland and a nice video from Visitfinland.


After that Harri illustrated our English programs one by one.

High school students were really interested in our presentation and they asked good questions. Here are some of the things they wanted to know:

  • Can they use their SAP score for application?
  • What are the entrance exams like, how should they prepare for the entrance exam?
  • How much Finnish should they learn before they start their studies?
  • How do they get a visa and citizenship after graduation? Who will help with visa application?
  • What is the basic requirement for English, any criteria?


At the end of the program introduction, Eva summarized the selling points for each program in Chinese so students undestand Harri’s presentation better.


After the presentation we had a little chat with the principal and other teachers about studying in Finland. They were really happy to have us and welcomed us to visit their college also the next time.

Written by: Elina Valkama (SAMK Communications)